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  1. John D Walsh

    Most of your comments are factually widely inacurrate. Ireland is the safest country in the World for pregnant women. The right to life for all is respected. Mother and child are treated holistically. The love of a mother for her child is one of life’s wonders. Even if that child is disabled, the care given to that child by its mother is returned by the child with amazing love. If only women were aware of that they would realise the wonderful happinerss it can bring. Abortion is a male bullying ploy to ensure men get away with destroying women’s lives so that women become available for them (these men are no better than tom cats who will kill kittens if they get the opportunity!). Abortion corrupts medical practice and damages women mentally for life. Its a quick fix solution that has enormous long term problems. Women fight male dominance and love your children!

  2. thank you for your blog, I appreciate your views on sexuality and freedom

  3. Its great to see a liberal minded person who welcomes contributions from people irrespective of whether or not they agree with the blog owner. I operate the same policy on my site, Kevin

  4. Seriously, come off the bandwagon of tubridy haters will you. Why not have a go at the women who choose to be involved in those pagents and ask them why they do it. Why have a go at a man who wore his heart on his sleeve during that interview? If paul o’connell said it would you be disgusted still? Id prefer a man who tries to highlight the reality of domestic violence. Women choose to take part in pagents. Women dont choose to get abused.

  5. A woman’s place is in the house….AND THE SENATE! Put a face on the hypocracy, abuse and gentlemanly genocide. I and my fellow men salute, support and cherish everything that is woman, especially the writings, leadership activism and compassion that drives this long overdo journey back to community.

  6. I did not read the article. However, I have read about Ireland from Jill and Leon
    Uris and other authors. One author spoke in detail about how women and children are and were treated in Ireland. Being of Irish origin I was innocently choosing different authors, I was not looking to dig up dirt. So, I read the book and my life has been trashed for years and years and years by my ancestral family. So what. I have done and have seen a sample in my own family of how it was to be Irish in America. I have recently discovered a book called White Cargo, and have started reading that. Before that I read a book called White Gold. And, if you watch the movie Gangs of New York it gives you a reality of what welcome the Irish got in America. And, I was always treated like trash by certain people in Irish America. So, with a grain of salt, remember that the Irish woman was always the lowest in America as far as how we were treated by our country……I rose to higher than my Irish family that I do not care for did not like and I was not a drunk like they like to accuse me of every day. Unfortunately, I did not know my ancestral and Irish family were stalking me in my own country. But I discovered in time to tell them all off. And, have been happy telling them all off. Ireland is far behind the times as is America…..and Great Britain and Scotland…we have not lost that uncivilized part of us who wishes to go to battle with each other….we will go to our graves our country and Ireland will with too much brutality towards each other. So, with the cold war waging despite the lies of all of our leaders in this world, enough said. I DO NOT BELIEVE IRELAND IS A SAFE COUNTRY STILL FOR WOMEN OR CHILDREN OR ANIMALS.

  7. ‘Disagreement is welcome!’ I read here, apparently, not on twitter. In a just and equal society both genders should have the same rights and is really asking a lawyer a genuine question on reproductive rights a bannable offensive? Especially when twitter gave me you as a ‘reproductive right’s lawyer’ result. You responded to my question on twitter partially, thank you, but then you slandered me with the slur of being a troll, so I had to respond to that allegation.

    I respect feminism and with respect to the UK law, women who aren’t capable (emotionally) of raising a child, or are in danger due to the pregnancy, should certainly have the rights by law.

    I hope you re-consider your apparent view that question’s from a male perspective are ‘trollish’

  8. With respect to the above post it was directed to Wendy. I apologise I didn’t make that clear.

  9. A really excellent insightful article….and one which should for the basis of all debate going forward on this most horrific heartbreaking incident. I describe it as such, because to call it a tragedy or accident, or indeed any of
    those terms used by the priest in the funeral mass is totally disrespectful and belittling to the lives of clodagh and her beautiful babies.

  10. Brian Cunningham

    No one cares what women think

  11. Perhaps this article should be read before people’s ideas around open discussion is totally dismissed.

    • Can’t speak for anyone else here but I already read it. Why on earth do you think it would change anyone’s mind? A small minority of trans women don’t want gender self-recognition, therefore no trans people should be allowed it? That’s about as persuasive as the women Ronan Mullen brought in to the Oireachtas hearings to “counter” TFMR.


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