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Stephanie Lord is an activist, writer and feminist from Drogheda. She has been involved in a number of campaigns on sexual health and reproductive rights. Stephanie graduated with a Honour’s Degree in Law, and also holds an Honours Diploma in Housing and Community Studies and an MSc in Equality Studies in the School of Social Justice, University College Dublin. You can contact her on twitter @stephie08.

Wendy Lyon holds an LLM in International Human Rights Law (Griffith College Dublin), for which she wrote her dissertation on sex workers’ right to health. She has been involved in feminist activism on both sides of the Atlantic for longer than she cares to admit. By day, she works as a solicitor, practising mainly in the areas of immigration and sexual/reproductive/maternity rights. She tweets about human rights law, politics, and her cats at @wendylyon.

Nine has a degree in sociology with gender studies, several years of experience at a support project for sex workers, and a homemade redundancy club membership card that doesn’t get her any discounts. She has been living in transit since 2010. More of her writing, as well as information on her zines, can be found at jinx removing dot org.

Aoife O’Riordan likes skepticism, coupons, and tea. After her MA in Sociology of Development and Globalisation, she decided to try living in the real world for a while. A few months later and suffering from extreme withdrawal, she started her blog Consider The Tea Cosy as a substitute for writing papers. A Corkonian at heart, she’s currently based in Dublin, which she secretly rather likes. She is probably eavesdropping on you right now.

More to follow!

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  1. Congratulations Feminist Ire! You have received the Versatile Blogger Award:

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  3. How would I contact you via email? I’m a filmmaker.

  4. Great stuff, thanks for the experience.

  5. On first view, this is a great blog. These are important issues you are covering for men and women.

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