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“It’s impossible to run a brothel in Sweden.” Really?

Just a quickie here (ha ha). In a previous post I questioned the assertion by Swedish police officer Jonas Trolle, cited in this Irish Times article, that it is impossible now to run a brothel in Sweden.

Shortly after that claim was made, this article appeared in the Swedish English-language media about a man who was caught buying sex as…

Swedish police were carrying out surveillance against a suspected brothel in Bromma, a suburb of Stockholm, where they suspected that several Romanian women were working as prostitutes.

More evidence of the Swedish authorities’ willingness to stretch the truth in efforts to persuade other countries to adopt their sex purchase ban.

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  1. Never trust the Irish on any policy governing sex..the population would be 70 billion and not 7 billion if we did!

    ~The Dippylomat esq.

  2. This post is about Sweden, not Ireland.


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