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Seriously, read this post. It’s spot-on in every single way.

Hunter Not The Hunted

So: recently, a young woman, Lucy-Anne Holmes, started a petition on aimed at getting The Sun to stop featuring topless Page 3 girls*. The Internet seems to have done its work well, because it’s been all over Twitter for days, with endorsement from such stalwarts as Caitlin Moran** & Graham Linehan, and is now claiming over 27,000 signatures. Many of the proponents of #nomorepage3 have made reference to feminism and the general well-being of women as justifications for the quasi-campaign. Even more baffling was when I saw sex educators, sex radicals and other generally sex-positive (by which I include sex-critical) folks endorsing it.

Therefore, I think there is an even greater need for countervailing opinions from the perspectives of feminists. Which, in this case, is me. Nobody ever said life was fair. But there are 2 things I’m not going to touch on: whether or not P3…

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  1. I did try to start a #nomorecauliflowercheese trend, to try and get over my feelings about the #nomorepage3 campaign. We need to be vocal and show that this is not a cut and dried issue. The post here is perfect in every way!

  2. The Great Smell Of Brute

    Women attempting to take ownership of other women’s bodies, authoritarianism masquerading as feminism, self-appointed lightweights attempting to leverage some unearned power for themselves; we’ve seen it all before, so many times now…


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