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A Glasgow Sex Worker

The only organisations that have been invited to give evidence at the Irish Justice Committee hearings are those organisations which are members of the anti-sex worker umbrella group Turn Off The Red Light. I can’t begin to imagine who thought that this approach to evidence was appropriate and okay. I can honestly say that, if the situations were reversed (and I was Queen of the World), and the only organisations that had been invited to the Justice committee hearings were ones that shared my analysis, I’d make a fuss about the exclusion of voices that disagreed – because I’m confident that, if both arguments are heard, the one that is correct will eventually prevail. (You can see this belief in action in a small way in my scrupulous linking to anti-sex work blogs – who never, of course, link back.) I think it says a lot about the politics of…

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  1. Ooh la la, most of the text – and all of what makes this important – isn’t mine, of course, but I’m still absurdly delighted to have my wee introductory paragraph re-blogged on Feminist Ire! 😉


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