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On International Women’s Day

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This is all.

Happy International Women’s Day. My feminism is intersectional. Solidarity with women of colour, queer & trans* women, and sex workers.

— + Yvonne Aburrow (@vogelbeere) March 8, 2013

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  1. Pomo speak is not sisterly and language that denies grassroots rad feminism and openly and dangerously appears to support the neo liberal agenda that damages womon and prevents real challenges that need to be made that dismantle patriarchy.
    In the real world free of violence and abuse of won and girls the sex industry’ a euphemism for the sexual expiration of womon, would not exist. We know this From the expressed experiences of exited womon. We listen to their stories and know that to be prostituted may be presented as a ‘choice’ but in patriarchy men demand the use of win as sexual objects and think that cos money exchanges hands that makes it a part of the capitalist system which it clearly in UK is not or Eire!

    • Pomo speak is not sisterly

      Let’s be honest here. What you object to is the fact of including queer women, trans* women and sex workers, not the words used to express that inclusion. You know this, we know this and certainly they know this, so why try to dress up your criticism as one merely of “pomo speak”?

      #radfem2013 has been very enlightening in terms of that grassroots rad feminism you speak of – I’d invite any reader not familiar with it to check out some of the highlights collected at TERF Quotes (SERIOUS TRIGGER WARNING). And then consider who it is that’s supporting violence and abuse.


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